one faint deluded smile

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Lewis Taylor - Stoned Part II

Lewis Taylor really is the Todd Rundgren of the new millenium, isn't he?. Both have a great love of Beach Boys style harmonies, can replicate 60's soul (and funk) to a fantastic degree and release at least one ridiculous cracking rock guitar solo per album.

But I just wish Taylor would take some acid or something so that occassionally you'd get a weird result instead of the predictable smooth cool R&B.

At least half of the tracks on this new cd are inferior versions of ones that have been released before. And this time they've had any meaning or emotion stripped out of them.

This isn't going to endear the old fans and will hardly make many new ones. And I'm non-plussed as to what other things he could do to extricate himself from his little hidden valley in the history of music.