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Friday, April 25, 2003

Last night I found myself humming the tune to 60's TV show Mr Ed. This quickly turned into a full blown recitation of the lyrics with extremely appropriate movements and a decidely animated face. Where does this stuff hide inside my brain? Why did I suddenly remember ALL of the words to a theme song whose show I rarely enjoyed in my teens? And what was so blindingly horsey about washing up that should spark it off? I mean, I really should be humming and singing along to my all time favourites (even Wyatt and Can contain tunes after all) but, no, instead my memory dredges up 'A horse is a horse ofcourse, ofcourse...' etc.

In fact, writing that last sentence down has merrily sparked another blast of it. I'll be stuck with inappropriate sections of the lyrics impinging on my conversations all day, no doubt. When this gets really repetitive I may have to sing the Beatles 'Help' to get my brain back on track. When I was a pre-teen, this method was the only way I could stop the 'ma na ma na... be doo be do be' song clicking over, stopping my sleep and ruining my concentration.

Obviously, this sort of thing has been with me a long time. Will I still be doing it when I'm 70? I'll probably have a condition similar to those contained in Oliver Sachs' 'Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat'. Hopefully I'll have alzheimers as well.


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