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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A Fair Bit Of Nothing

There's hardly any great music I've acquired recently but here's some notes on a few anyways:

Bell & Sebastian - a couple of well recorded live boots from Paris and Belfast. You forget their nationality when you listen to the songs but that lovely Scottish brogue comes through in some quite lively audience interaction. The Belfast concert has some terrific cover versions including one of The Boys Are Back In Town.

John Cale - Music for a New Society. i'd read that this one was as good as his Virgin years material but it's just a bunch of dirges instead.

Magnetic Fields - "I". I... certainly wont be getting another album by Stephen Merrit. He reminds me too much of the singer from the Crash Test Dummies for me to like them too much.

Nautical Almanac - The CD With The Record Grooves In It. The picture in The Wire made me get something of theirs: a tall stringbean guy with thin hair, moustache and beard, eyes open wide and with a wry grin and an impish woman, tousle haired, half asleep with a great big grin. they just look so much like... well, my friends making music in the 70s and 80s. and the music is as i'd expected... just like a modern version of the N-Lettes. I'll probably never listen to it again (it is rather hard going).

The Residents - Fingerprince. Lent to me by a friend who saw that I'd received a few of their older things recently and thought this would round off their stuff in my collection. I can honestly say I've never owned this record but, amazingly, I knew every single second of it (or at least the parts which were released on LP in 1975). I could predict when a certain change was going to happen and could hum along to it almost perfectly. I have no idea why this should be so. It must have been owned by someone else in a share house I also lived in who loved it to death and imposed it's melodies on my brain.

Todd Rundgren - Liars. Somewhat of a return to his melodic best but it's covered with these awfull sounding digital synths and the tunes never reach the heights he's previously reached.


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