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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Their Heads Are So Small!

A Slow Rip got together this month for another quite wonderful session. Following our usual perusal of the raw recordings, we crowded round the PC this week to do some initial mixes before Rob went on a meditation retreat for 10 days! I certainly couldn't stand that long without some sort of entertainment apart from the little thoughts in my fat head. He's obviously a stronger man than me and... his head is thinner.

So here's a couple of teasers for the almighty 4th album (with titles of my own design):

mp3: Stuck

I'd like this to be the 1st track. It starts off all droney and phased, just like many of our songs but it certainly changes into something completely unexpected - especially to us. I think I'm in there somewhere but it's mainly Rob and Ian.

mp3: Mister Mesmer Underground

This one shows off my new Alesis Ion quite nicely. It's definitely more polite than the venerable Arp Odyssey but the sounds it can create are fantastic anyway. Once again, this track may confound expectations as there's some prominent, wayward vocalising by Rob. We think it greatest.

Hey, let me know what you think OK? Good or bad. That's what comment boxes are for.


  • what can i say, i like the music of your band. the first track is different from what you have posted before as it is less sound collage (not sure if that's right) and more propulsive. more like rock music if you want. should i have said post-rock? there is something happening there. it's a nice surprise. the second is more atmospheric. evoking the darkness of the night or of a cave. kind of solemn with some slightly frightening bits. i like it too.

    i got the necks double album see through yesterday and i find what you are doing with your band much more exciting. esp. the first disc was a little too monotonous for my taste. it seriously got on my nerves after 45 minutes or so. not that you haven't warned me when you posted that edit.

    By Blogger Alexander, at 4:19 am  

  • alex - thanks for this. your summation is pretty much what we wanted in the mixing room at least.

    the necks - yes, they can be a bit hard going but that mesmering quality of their repetitiveness always entices me.

    By Blogger Phil, at 8:23 am  

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