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Friday, April 25, 2003

The Cure - Singles

There was an instant in time when The Cure were bold and new and sounded like no-one else. Listening to the collection of singles (up to 1985, I suppose) my interest wanes as the years progress - apart from the obviously great pop smash hits. Those first few tracks (Killing an Arab, et al) still bring back memories of when they played at Sydney's Chequers Nightclub (I think it must have been quite soon after Voigt/465 played their last show there). I was up the front at the beginning with the raving mob even though I only had a small amount of interest in them but they were a band from overseas after all playing music closely related to the stuff I loved. I slowly inched my way backwards as the sameness of their sound dulled my enthusiasm even more. And it's the same with the cd too. Worth copying, though.


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