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Monday, June 28, 2004

Hey, List Maker

I can't believe that I made some mistakes in my top 100 list below. I've got an excel spreadsheet with all of my collection rated up the razoo and, still, I've included things which I really don't love and left things out that are plainly close to my heart. It just goes to show that I must re-visit my rating system at some stage, if nothing else.

Take, for example, Carla Bley. I truthfully admire Ms Bley for 'Escalator Over The Hill' but it's not something I listen to very much or enjoy very much when I do. Except for various bits and pieces. And having 'Tropic Appetites' in the list at all is a complete mystery.

Especially when I leave out Elliot Smith. My favourite singer songwriter of the 90s and one of my favourites of all time. But, inexplicably, I don't mention him. 'xo' is a definite top 50 and 'Either Or' would be up there too.

And... Sinatra! The best singer of all time. I don't own an actual single release of his but instead have a Capitol records 3cd comp which has all the great tracks. I should include that but, if not, then go for 'The Wee Small Hours' or 'Swinging Lovers'.

This could go on and on.


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