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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

That Old Mid-West Feeling

cover of the 1st jane aire single

The people at Stiff Records woke up one morning, hung over from another night of punky debauchery, tasted the thick London air and decided that Jane Aire should release a record. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, she seemed an unlikely choice for a small UK inependant. But I'm still really glad they did it:

mp3: Yankee Wheels

Piano driven at a time when guitars were king, slow and slightly plodding when fast bar chords were the norm, with a chorus that stutters magnificently and then shifts into a really poorly played shuffle, it's simply one of the best things they ever released. Jane put out another single and an album but this is really the only thing she did that I care about: great pop singing.

Some info on Jane.

charlotte pressler in the cleveland mean streets

Back in Cleveland things were noticeably grimmer. But that was just the ticket for Hearthan records who always put out great, dark things like the 1st Pere Ubu 7". They released this Pressler-Morgan single (they were part of the family after all) in 1979 and it's a different, more arty fabulous to Jane Aire's but it's fabulous none-the-less:

mp3: The Hand Piece
mp3: You're Gonna Watch Me

Read what I said about this quite a while ago...

Read the guff from Terminal Drive.

Read her reminiscences of Cleveland.


  • i love the tension and immediacy of the beginning of the second pressler-morgan song you're gonna watch me. unfortunately it stops after 35 seconds on my real audio player. the file size seems to be ok though. any chance of a fix?

    By Blogger Alexander, at 5:39 pm  

  • thanks, the pressler-morgan tracks is fine now. weird thing is that the first 35 seconds were more promising than what the rest of the song delivered. sorry, i stop now.

    By Blogger Alexander, at 5:34 pm  

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  • Jane Ashley (Aire) is fabulous! I just got her lp, and I have to say that she had/has so much potential that I wonder what ever became of her? True the band is great, but Jane has the delivery and style that make it all come home.

    By Blogger tamaracfan2002, at 12:25 am  

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