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Monday, April 03, 2006



Lisbon was one of my favourite cities all those years ago when I travelled (cripes, it's almost 20 years to the day). We arrived via train and got a tidy, shabby room near the terminus and spent days just wandering round - all that white stone blinding us; the natty trams up cobblestone streets; robust Fado singers and guitarrados (still reminding me of the theme from The Third Man). Nice people (I suppose) and we splurged a veritable fortune on a day long limosine ride in the nearby areas. Gattao wine aplenty. Ah, those were the days.

So it comes as no surprise that 2 of my favourite solo improvisors have been inspired by and recorded there.

mp3: Terry Riley - Island Of Never Anger

Riley's piece starts off all operatic and then turns into a lovely tango / blues with his typical flourishes and runs. His piano playing has never excited me as much as his organ work but it's really delightfull anyway.

mp3: Keith Fullertom Whitman - Recorded In Lisbon (edit)

KFW's is a full on journey - this edit starts with almost Fripp-like tones and builds heavily until it plunges into cracks and splats and radio tuning. Then it starts all over again. I've never heard a more stunning piece of digitally altered guitar.

And.. they're both coming out to little old Australia this month. They're even playing together in Brisbane but, in Sydney, they drift apart - Riley to the outer western suburbs (and the far south coast!) and Whitman to the still trendy inner south.

By jingo, I shall be there.


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