one faint deluded smile

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


So Thursday night and there's a massive electrical storm down my way. 2 huge lighning crashes no more than a block away - the closest I've ever been to them, really, and it was amazingly frightening. Luckily I'd turned off the PC, eh? Well, no, in fact it didn't make an iota of difference. Friday and first the phone line craps out, then the adsl modem goes (maybe) and now the PC hard disk is inaccessible. Hopefully the gurus at work can fix it. But no more mp3 postings till next week or after that. maybe I'll try some modern music again.

Anyway, I get into work today and browse the normal sites I usually do every day and find that Domonique Leone has added the Voigt/465's "One Faint Deluded Smile" in the Pitchfork 2004 Found Sounds listing. Thanks you Mr Leone for the kind words about music I was involved in 25 years ago!! Time flies.


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