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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Soap Ballads

Soap Ballads

As requested by Willem I've uploaded my mix of slightly weird stuff from 2006 at:

all tracks are @128mps


  • Thanks a lot Phil. Looking forward to hearing this.

    By Blogger willem, at 7:38 pm  

  • good to see you back... i've missed this blog...

    By Blogger Loki, at 3:01 am  

  • very nice mix, phil. great to listen to at night in the background while posting a little here and there. exactly the right music to calm down and let the day fade out. and it is still not as hollow as this stupid chill-out music with shitty beats. it could have even been a little weirder, if you ask me.

    By Blogger Alexander, at 10:17 am  

  • alex - well, yes, there was much weirder music out there and, indeed, a lot that was much much more disquieting. however, a lot of it is very, very long and the 2 edits i included in this mix (the guitar pieces in the middle) don't really encapsulate the feeling of the tracks enough. i could, i suppose, create an mp3 only mix that lasts 5 hours but that seems a bit lacking in some sort of curatorship to the whole thing. in any case, i agree with you about the late night feel of a lot of it. and that jan jelenik album really is very good.

    By Blogger Phil, at 6:48 pm  

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