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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Of Hearts and Tongues

crowd at venue 1981

I've updated the Sydney Post-Punk MP3 web page after about 2 years of stasis. A good proportion of the tracks I'd made available have been released on comps / reissues since 2000. And a couple of them are about to be released this year on Chapter Music's 2nd issue of "Can't Stop It!" (they'll also be releasing "Primitive Calculators and Friends" and Feel Presents are supposedly releaseing a Sekret Sekret comp as well).

In any case, the site was due for renewal anyway.

This time there's less herky-jerky rhythms and angst. Instead it's filled with snatches of pop and analogue electronics. So that'll probably piss off the purists. I've still got about 40MB of space available so I may add some more later.


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