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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rapid - Slow

I've made all of the releases by A Slow Rip available via Rapidshare.

If you want them in their entirety then grab them soonish: A Slow Rip

Hey - I know you're grabbing them - how's about a comment or two?


  • Hi Phil,

    I only just found your blog and so just found about the full albums on Rapidshare. (I have downloaded selection from Sevcom, but hadn't been paying attention after that.) Thanks for doing this.

    For anyone else reading, a quick mini-review of the stuff I've already downloaded: A Slow Rip do some wonderfully atmospheric instrumental material. The guitar is often very percussive, which makes sense as Phil describes, Rob's heart is in percussion.

    While there is plenty there to reward a careful listen, I actually listen to A Slow Rip while working, and it works well as coding music. Mesmerising, maybe, but doesn't affect concentration. If that makes sense.

    I'm certainly glad Phil has found again the musical muse.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 pm  

  • Phil-

    I've been listening to 5 chains and I really like the direction taken on it, much more vivid and lucid than what I've heard prior. The constant turns taken in the songs make it into something that does reward attentive listening, which is very much a positive in my book. Yes, enjoying it very much!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:10 am  

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