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Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Slow Rip - Constant Reminder

i've added the latest release from A Slow Rip up on our web site.


  • In an entirely unrelated query:

    Hi! I'm compiling some songs for an extensive mixtape, as legitimately as possible. This is where you (might) come in! I've been looking around for Lewis Taylor's "damn" from the UK self-titled release, but I've been unable to locate any state-side outlets that sell the digital single. As you noted in your long-ago blog about lewis taylor, the eponymous import's not really something I want to physically own, in its entirety- pretty hit and miss. So I wondered if I might prevail upon your kindness to re-upload the song, maybe to a sharing sight like yousendit, very temporarily? I realize this request is entirely random and inappropriate. But the quest for the perfect mixtape is fraught with such perils. Please feel free to ignore this plea entirely, or, if you're game for it, let me know via my (neglected) blogger, or my email:

    Thanks either way,

    By Blogger pecca, at 4:11 am  

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