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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Old Gruesomes Yet Again

work live cover (original)

I'm sorry but I just can't help enjoying this ancient stuff. So bear with me or go away. (It'll make little difference anyway, I suppose.)

mp3: Aksak Maboul - Vapona, Not Glue

The 1st Aksak Maboul album ("11 dances...) is less full of guitars and drums than their 2nd but it still shows definite links back to Henry Cow and The Art Bears and, surprisingly for me, Matching Mole and Hatfield and the North. This track has a self-immolating drum machine, plinky synths, a few chords, sped up sax and a slow decline to bass solo heaven. I've edited it down, btw.

mp3: Confusional Quartet - Nebdo Zip

An Italian RIO influenced band this time but they eschew the typically weird time signatures and relied instead on 'new-wave' tones and simple synths patches. I'm sure they can't play as well as they want to which only adds to the charm as far a I'm concerned. Although that drummer certainly knows a paradiddle or two.

mp3: Lakes - Song of Investment Capital Overseas

And so to 2005 where a Melbourne lad with a great record collection starts recording lo-fi stuff in his bedroom. It's very reminiscent of The Primitive Calulators in many ways but, like, with only one guy. He includes a version of an Art Bears song and, so, immediately endears himself to me. (my 1st band did a 'brave' version of Henry Cow's "War" on our 1st pay up gig - never tried it again - shuddder). Get it at Chapter music.

mp3: The Work - Fingers and Toes

This is from the recently remastered "Live In Japan" release, originally very rare but now available for all youse lovers of avant-rock at ReR or ReRUSA. Truthfully, how can a concert, recorded in the middle of a room on a cassette player sound so fucking powerfull? When that descending bass line starts up I just leave my body and dance around sans abandon (FYI - in this case it's played by Amos / L. Voag - famous from his days in the Homosexuals - he really was a great musician).

mp3: This Heat - Not Waving

To end on something less corruscating but equally disquieting, let's try a track from This Heat's newly remastered 1st album. And, yes, it's worth spending more money just to get the spacious sound that comes off the current CD. (They have a box set out soon - pre-order it to get all the extras - once again from ReR). I think I've previously posted all the more rockin' tracks from this album so just quiet down and listen with horrible fright as dear Charles succombs inevitably to the sea.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pouty People With Guitars and Etc

a great big bit of rock

So I'm watching the Australian music quiz show "Rockwiz" last night and a woman named Mia something or other comes out to play and, like, she fuckin' rocks and everything: I actually enjoyed this straight out, four on the floor thing that she did - ya know, all bluesy and over-reaching vocals and scruchy guitar.

Am I 12 again or something? 'Cause I'm enjoying the guitary music quite a bit.

mp3: The M's - Going Over It

Here's yet another garage rock band making the same old noises. But this time I absolutely love it. The Glam Rock elements bind me in tight - I still go all gooey when I hear that sound. Their 2006 album "Future Women" is easily the most consistent rock album I've heard in a couple of years. Thankfully, it has enough sonic strangeness to keep me interested. Great chord changes too.

mp3: Liars - Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack

On the more avant side of town, The Liars new album "Drum's Not Dead" is better than their 2nd but it sounds so waffly and indistinct that I lost interest pretty quickly. All the track titles refer to Mt. Heart Attack or Drum and I have absolutely no idea why this is so and even less interest in finding out. This track at least has some flow or arrangement to hook onto and some good, weirded out guitar noises.

mp3: Giant Drag - Kevin Is Gay

Giant Drag are a band I missed out on entirely last year but "Hearts and Unicorns" is better than any rock stuff I put on my Indie/Rock best of 2005 comp. This track has got it all - swaggering, sultry MBV guitar stylings, a great pop hook and a singer who often reminds me of Chrissie Amphlett or a hang-dog Debbie Harry.

mp3: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

Yes, they sound like a million other UK rock bands and Arctic Monkeys are just on the edge of being incredibly tiresome but I can imagine they're great live. Rousing, shout-along choruses abound.

mp3: Graham Coxon - Don't Let Your Man Know

So Blur's guitarist comes back with more heavy, compressed-to-the-max rock noise. It's better than the last album, to be sure, but it often reminds me of Stiff Little Fingers with a cockney accent.

And then I went and acquired a couple of Alice Cooper albums. Someone better save me soon.