one faint deluded smile

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hey, Where The Hell Am I?

a lovely cloud from my back window

I've had very little to say in the past months and so have just shut right up. Other priorities, a smaller brain, work, family, sickness... it's all so numbing.

No mp3s today, maybe later, but here's some questionable comments re recent stuff:

This Heat - Out Of Cold Storage box : All great, almost all the time. The remastering is exquisite and H&E still stands as the best avant-rock track... evah.
David Behrman - Leapday Night : Home built computerised synths with a weirdly interesting partamento effect in evidence, backed by understated free improv. I've never heard anything like this before.
Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill : Possibly the best acid-scrambled rave on record over an incessant, thumb numbing organ riff. Magnificent psych/prog.
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Greatest Hits : You can never have too much lite-rockin' tonite.
The Go-Betweens - 1978-1990 : Cripes - he was younger than myself - glad I gave up them smokes. The 16 Lovers Lane era is still wonderfull but, god, they could annoy very easily when they rambled.
Hot Chip - Coming On Strong : More evidence that 'dance' music can still make me smile and my immense arse wag when required.
Frano Battiato - Fetus / Pollution : French weirdo prog with lots of spoken word stuff backed by excellent brooding rock music.
Curved Air - Second Album : I still have a fondness for this band although the evidence for this liking is impossible for me to find at the moment. Some great tunes knobbled by poor production and / or over-indulgence.
Kraftwerk - Bremen Radio 1971 : Bootleg showcasing the early band with Dinger / Rother and no wonder they were forced out - their NEU-ish racket drowns out the electronics for the most part but that damned flute still shines through. Still and all - it's an enjoyable thing with good sound quality too.
The Necks - Chemist : A fantastic cover (and no wonder they had problems in the printing which delayed the release) but the music is a little stilted in comparison to other efforts. 3 tracks this time.
Scritti Politti - White Bread Black Beer : There are 2 great songs on this release that easily match anything he's done before but the rest seem to be re-treads. Best thing - that lovely, lovely voice.
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped : My interest in late period SY still continues even as my loathing for the earlier releases grows. Good old-fashioned art-rock.
Spektakel, Semiramis, Sweet Slag, Genya Ravan, Osibisa, Melmoth, Jane, Gomorrah, Bachendal, Silverhead, and on and on and on : IE 80% of all those 'hard to find' 'classics' from yesteryear as shared via rapidshare, etc. They should all stay sunk without a trace.